ANPCOWER 2024 Newest 16” Laptop Computer Windows 11, 16GB RAM 512GB SSD, Intel Quad-Core Processor(up to 2.9GHz), Full HD 1080P Laptop with USB Type-C&A, Mini HDMI, TF Card Slot, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2

Price: $289.99
(as of Feb 26, 2024 08:52:24 UTC – Details)

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Who We Are?

As one of the sub-brand under our conglomerate, ANPCOWER focuses on offering affordable computing solution to everyone.


Founded in 2011, we emerged with a bold vision: that technology should be accessible to all, empowering every individual through cutting-edge but affordable for everyone computing solutions.

With a passion for pushing boundaries, we quickly became a trusted name in the industry. By 2023, our tablets, laptops and mini pc have earned the trust and loyalty of millions around the world.

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Empower Everyone Through Innovation

[Incredible Choice For Everyday Tasks] Boasting an Intel N5095 quad-core processor, 16GB RAM, and a 512GB SSD, this Windows 11 laptop effortlessly handles tasks with remarkable efficiency. As its integrated graphics, don’t expect it to fly in games, but if you need a 16 inch laptop for doing schoolwork, browsing the web, managing a budget, or watching Netflix, this budget laptop is fantastic value!
[Generous Storage Capacity For Smooth Operation] With 512GB SSD storage capacity and 16GB DDR4 memory, this traditional laptop computers provides enough space for storing your files, documents, and media, while ensuring smooth operation and multitasking. Enhanced security features like fingerprint scanners, ensuring your privacy is protected. Pre-installed windows 11 for a ready-to-use experience, along with essential software for enhanced productivity.
[Immersive Visual Feast] Immerse yourself in a visual feast with 16-inch 1080P display, where every pixel comes alive to redefine your viewing experience. Witness clarity like never before as vibrant colors and sharp details converge on a screen that sets a new standard for precision. Whether you’re streaming video, browsing the web, or holding a video conference, the screen delivers breathtaking visuals.
[Sleek Look & Portable Design] Light and thin with a sleek design, this notebook laptop is portable enough to take anywhere. ​Plus, this windows laptop computer has various ports and wireless connectivities, like USB, HDMI, bluetooth, WiFi. All of this gives you the ultimate in creative freedom and allows you to stay productive.
[Your Satisfaction Is Our Forever Persuit] AnPcower is committed to splendid products and customer service. We offer 3 years warranty. Feel free to contact us if you have any issues. Our customer support team will respond within 3 hours. Whatever the issue is, we will offer a solution till you are completely satisfactory.

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